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Dealing with extremely deteriorated sidewalks and want immediate replacement services? Reach out to your best local sidewalk repair contractor nyc experts in NYC. We are your go-to option for reliable, quick, and efficient sidewalk replacements. Our top-notch inspection of damaged sidewalks and quality planning to make the replacements make us your optimal choice. Our motto is to keep all of our clients satisfied by providing durable and long lasting services.

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Sidewalk Repair Vs. Replacement

Our sidewalk replacement services are a valid option when your sidewalks are extremely damaged and sidewalk repairs are not beneficial. Let us tell you when we provide complete sidewalk replacement services instead of sidewalk repairs.

Deep Cracks

Deep cracks in the concrete can cause water to pool beneath and destroy the soil. Repairing such damages is not an option and completely replacing the sidewalks is essential to ensuring structural integrity.

Big Potholes

Big potholes occur due to constant wear and tear and years of neglect. Potholes in the sidewalks are the main reason for trips among pedestrians. We fix the issue of big potholes by completely replacing the damaged sidewalks.

Uneven Concrete Slabs

Water pooling and soil erosion can cause the concrete slabs to sink. For such damaged concrete slabs, we first remove the slabs. Fix the soil erosion issue, and then install new sidewalks.

Water Pooling

Water can pool beneath the concrete surface because of poor drainage and deep cracks. If neglected for a long time, water pooling can cause soil erosion. For such water damages, we provide complete sidewalk replacement services.

Tree Roots Damage

Damage caused by tree roots can make the concrete sidewalks completely damaged and repairing them is never a good option. To fix tree root damage, our team inspects your sidewalks and then provides replacement services.

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