Remove DOT Sidewalk Violations & Get Your Sidewalks Fixed

Dealing with extensively damaged sidewalks? Have you received a NYC DOT violation notice? Are you worried that someone might slip or trip on the damaged sidewalks and get injured? Well, it is time for you to hire our professional expertise in NYC. Our NYC DOT licensed experts are well-versed in providing high-quality and premium sidewalk violation removal services. With us by your side, you will have peace of mind knowing that your sidewalk repairs are in accordance with city rules and regulations.

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Common Sidewalk Violations That We Fix

Common sidewalk violations that we fix are as follows:

  • Major and Minor Cracks
  • Sidewalk Sinking
  • Poor Drainage and Clogged Gutters
  • Missing Concrete Slabs
  • Crumbling Curbs
  • Tree Root Damages

NYC DOT Regulations that We Follow

While providing NYC DOT violation removal services, we keep the following city rules in mind. Let us guide you on how we provide reliable sidewalk replacement nyc and repair services.

  • The minimum width of sidewalks that abide by city rules is always 5.0 feet
  • The material of construction that we use must be of optimum quality
  • We ensure that there is no permissible obstruction of sidewalks
  • After repairing sidewalks, we apply for re-inspection and removal of violations

What to Expect From Us

By hiring our services, you will get access to the problem-free, quick, efficient, and durable repairs.

We offer more services beyond sidewalk replacement

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