Make Your Queen’s Sidewalks ADA-Compliant With Professional Experts

Are sidewalks outside your residential or commercial property outdated? Well, these outdated sidewalks might not adhere to the ADA regulations that NYC is enforcing. As per ADA sidewalk requirements, sidewalks must be safe and accessible for everyone, especially people with disabilities. If you want to save yourself from potential fines and make your sidewalks accessible for everyone, trust us for our services. At Sidewalk Repair Contractor, we specialize in ADA-compliant sidewalk installations and maintenance services. With our help, you can ensure everyone in Queens can have access to your property in the easiest way possible.

The Benefits of ADA-Compliant Sidewalks in Queens

Wondering why you should install ADA sidewalks? Let us tell you why it is important.

  • Legal Obligation: Avoid potential fines or legal issues by ensuring your sidewalk meets the accessibility standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Increased Property Value: A modern and accessible sidewalk can enhance your property's curb appeal and value.
  • Connect Your Community: Create a more welcoming environment on your commercial property in Queens for everyone.

How Do We Guarantee ADA Compliance?

Want to know how we make your sidewalks ADA-compliant? Let us tell you about some essential factors we keep in mind while installing ADA-sidewalks.

  • Expert Design & Planning: Our experienced team will design an ADA-compliant sidewalk according to the requirements of your Queens property.
  • Clear Path: We ensure to meet ADA sidewalk width requirements by installing a minimum of 36 inches of clear walking space for wheelchairs and other aids people might use for mobility.
  • Curb Ramps: Install curb ramps with the proper slope so that people can get access to the sidewalks easily.
  • Pedestrian Signals: Adding accessible pedestrian signals is an essential feature that helps visually impaired people have access to the sidewalks.
  • Slip-Resistant Materials: We use only high-quality and slip-resistant materials that allow individuals to use the sidewalks without the fear of slipping and getting injured.
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