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Are your damaged sidewalks making you worried about the safety of pedestrians using them? Are you looking for affordable yet reliable sidewalk services in Manhattan to fix your damaged concrete sidewalks? Well, you are in the right place, as we have been your reliable sidewalk contractors revamping Manhattan’s pathways for over two decades. Our commitment to quality, use of cutting-edge technology, and affordable services make us your top choice in Manhattan.

Signs that Your Sidewalks Might Need Replacement

Minor damages like hairline cracks, small holes, and chipped concrete need repair services like resurfacing and sealing. However, for extensive damages, you might need complete sidewalk replacement services. These damages include:

  • Deep cracks, big potholes, and crumbling edges
  • Uneven surface due to water damage and soil erosion
  • Raised concrete slabs
  • Deterioration due to old age and Freeze-thaw cycle
  • Damages caused by construction or utility work
  • Non-Compliance with ADA standards

Our Sidewalk Replacement Process

Our premium sidewalk replacement process in Manhattan consists of a step-by-step approach. Let us guide you through it.

  • Inspection: After receiving your request, we first inspect your sidewalks and identify the damages.
  • Budgeting and Timeline: Depending upon the extent of damage, we make a budget and timeline for your project.
  • Permitting: Before starting the replacement process, we apply for necessary permits from Manhattan authorities.
  • Preparing the Site: For installation, we secure the area and add the sign of sidewalk repair for everyone’s convenience.
  • Base Installation: For subgrade and base installation, we remove all debris, vegetation, large rocks, and topsoil.
  • Material Selection: For durable and long-lasting results, we only invest in high-quality 4500 PSI ready-mix concrete.
  • Sidewalk Installation: We follow all city guidelines and high standards to install your damaged sidewalk.
  • Inspection and Approval: After completing the new sidewalk installation process, we provide a final inspection and get approval from the Department of Transportation.
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What Makes Us Your Optimal Choice in Manhattan?

Wondering why you should choose us for your complete sidewalk replacement services? Well, here is what makes us your premium choice in Manhattan:

You can get our other professional services in Manhattan beyond sidewalk replacement:

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