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As the property owner of a new home, you must be really excited to make your property look the way you desire. From interiors to exteriors, all the new construction, whether it be the masonry walls, roofing,sidewalk repair contractor in NYC driveway, or patio, must be perfect. But perfection comes with experience, skills, knowledge, and the use of premium-quality material. Trusting your local experts for professional concrete services is an efficient choice. We are your premium choice for a wide range of concrete services, especially sidewalk installation, in NYC. Our new sidewalk installation services in NYC are not only quick but also unique, durable, and reliable. Our years of experience, use of premium-quality material, and commitment to keeping our clients happy allow us to provide services that are precise and survive the test of time

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Our Sidewalk Installation Process

Our sidewalk installation process is quick, easy, and efficient. Let us guide you through the whole process step-by-step.

  • Digging Soil: We start our sidewalk installation process by digging up the soil. It is the most crucial step, as preparing the soil for the long-term durability of concrete sidewalks is essential.
  • Laying Form Board: The next step is to install the rebar in place using wire ties on both sides of the trench. A form board is essential to installing the sidewalks in a defined shape.
  • Pouring Concrete: After laying the form board, we pour the concrete and smooth it out. We keep the form board intact until the concrete is fully dried and the sidewalks look solid.
  • Strike Off the Edges: Once the concrete is dried, we remove the form board and the process of striking off the edges starts. We ensure that the surface of the walkway is smooth and level.
  • Create Edging: The next step is to create decorative edges and borders so that the sidewalks look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Finishing Touches: After completing sidewalk installation in NYC, we inspect the sidewalks one last time to ensure that they abide by city rules and regulations.

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