We are Here to Fix Your Brooklyn DOT Sidewalk Violations

Got a DOT sidewalk violation notice in Brooklyn? Don't let a cracked sidewalk become a safety hazard and a liability for you. Get our professional sidewalk contractor help and remove these violations in a quick and efficient way. At Sidewalk Repair Contractor, we are your Brooklyn sidewalk violation removal specialists. We can help you with the entire process efficiently and without any worries.

Why are Your Brooklyn Sidewalks Getting Damaged?

Wondering why these uneven slabs, cracks, or tree root damages are occurring on your sidewalks? Let us guide you about what might be the reason.

  • Over time, foundations beneath sidewalks can sink due to soil erosion or water damage.
  • Growing tree roots can push up sidewalk slabs and create trip hazards.
  • Harsh winters or summer heat can accelerate concrete deterioration.
  • Poor drainage causes water to pool under sidewalks and causes soil erosion and concrete settling.

Efficient Violation Removal Process

We follow a step-by-step process to remove these violations.

  • Inspection & Consultation: We first assess the damage and provide you with a quote.
  • Permit Acquisition: Let us handle all necessary permits and provide a smooth repair process.
  • Expert Repairs: We use high-quality materials to fix the violation cracks, level uneven slabs, or replace damaged sections while meeting all DOT standards.
  • Final Inspection & Approval: Once repairs are complete, we coordinate a final inspection with the DOT to ensure everything meets their requirements.
Brooklyn - DOT sidewalk violation

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Here's why you should choose us to remove your Brooklyn DOT violation.

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