Fix Damaged Walkways with Your Experts and Remove DOT Violations

Sidewalks are the most important yet most neglected concrete structure outside our property. If left untreated, they can lead to DOT violations. Receiving a DOT violation means you only have 75 days to fix the damages. If you have already received the violation notice and want to restore the look of your property and make the sidewalks accessible to everyone, hire our reliable sidewalk services. We are your reliable sidewalk contractor, with 25 years of experience fixing DOT violations.

Common Sidewalk Issues that Violate DOT Rules

The Department of Transportation has certain rules for the upkeep of your sidewalks. Unable to follow the rules will lead to violations. Following are the common damages that you have to look out for if you want to save yourself from DOT violations.

Cracked Concrete

Small cracks that might appear due to contraction or compression can become the reason for water pooling, uneven sidewalks, and potholes. Whether small or big, cracks on sidewalks violate DOT maintenance guidelines.

Uneven Slabs

Concrete slabs can become uneven due to tree root’s upward growth, freeze-thaw cycles, or sinking soil, which can be a major reason for people tripping and falling. Fixing this violation on an immediate basis is essential to saving yourself from legal liabilities.

Deteriorated Surfaces

Chipping concrete, crumbling edges, and extensive damage to your sidewalks can lead to DOT violations. Patching up the concrete is a violation and might require resurfacing or a complete sidewalk replacement.

Settling or Displacement

Sinking of concrete happens when there is water in the soil and the slabs sink or displace due to the continued freeze and thaw cycle. Settling or displacement of sidewalks is another violation of DOT that needs to be fixed.


How Do We Fix Your DOT Sidewalks?

We follow a step-by-step process to fix your damaged sidewalks and get the violations removed from the Department of Transportation.

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