Bronx Sidewalk Replacement: Increase Property Value with New Concrete Walkways

Are you thinking of reselling your property but worried about the damaged sidewalks reducing the overall value of your property? Well, worry not, as your local Bronx contractors are here to improve the overall value of your property. For your extremely damaged sidewalks, instead of repairing the damages, we provide long-term services of completely replacing and re-installing your sidewalks. By hiring our services, you can make your sidewalks not only appealing but also safe and functional. Reach out to us today and get our premium sidewalk replacement services.

When Do You Need Our Sidewalk Replacement Service?

Dealing with any of the following issues? Get our premium sidewalk replacement services.

Deep Cracks

Cracks in your sidewalks are a major source of water pooling in your soil. You never know how much soil damage deep cracks cause. For such damages, we provide a complete sidewalk replacement service.

Big Potholes

Patching up large potholes is against the rules of the Department of Transportation. Moreover, it's never a long-term solution. Big potholes show the old age of concrete or poor installation of sidewalks and completely replacing them is a wise option.

Discolored Slabs

Discoloration of your sidewalk slabs shows water pooling beneath the concrete slabs. Water damage can erode the soil and during freeze-thaw cycle, it can raise concrete and make it crack. When you notice discolored slabs, reach out to us and get our premium services.

Tree Root Damages

Trees adjacent to your property can grow in an upward direction, which can cause the concrete to crack. To fix tree root damage, we completely remove the existing concrete, take help from NYC Parks for tree roots and install new sidewalks.

Uneven Slabs

Water pooling, upward tree root growth, and freeze-thaw cycle are some common reasons for the rise in concrete slabs. The rise in the slab can be a major reason why people might trip over and get injured. Such sidewalks need our complete sidewalk replacement services.

Bronx Sidewalk Replacment

How Do We Replace Your Sidewalks?

Our sidewalk replacement process in the Bronx is fast, quick, and efficient. To fix damages to your sidewalks and completely replace them, we follow a step-by-step process. From initial inspection to violation removal from the Department of Transportation.

You can get our other professional services in Bronx beyond sidewalk replacement:

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