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Do you want to make your commercial and residential property accessible to people with disabilities? Are you thinking of making the sidewalks safe for everyone to use? We are here with sidewalk repair contractor ny the best recommendation for you. Make your sidewalks ADA-compliant so that the quality of life of disabled people can be improved. ADA-compliant sidewalks have a specific width of 36 inches, a smooth surface texture, curb ramps, and slops. For ADA-compliant sidewalks in NYC, reach out to us and discuss your needs with our expert team.

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How Do We Make Your Sidewalks ADA-Compliant?

To make your sidewalks accessible to everyone for use, we ensure that the installation and repairs are according to the following guidelines of the American Disability Act.

  • Width: Our ADA-compliant sidewalks in NYC meet the specific width requirements of five feet so that people in wheelchairs can use the sidewalks easily.
  • Texture: The texture of the sidewalks should be slip-resistant, firm, and stable. For better mobility and easy navigation, we also install mobility devices.
  • Ramps: The curb ramps for ADA-compliant sidewalks must have a slope less than 1:12 and must be 36 inches wide.
  • Slope: The slope of the ADA-compliant sidewalks in NYC must be less than 1:20. For sidewalks with more slope, we ensure that they have alternative stairs.
  • Obstructions: We ensure that the sidewalks don’t have any obstructions like utility poles, fire hydrants, traffic signals, and other infrastructure.

Why are ADA-Compliant Sidewalks Essential?

Getting ADA-compliant sidewalks is essential, especially if you are the owner of a public space. Let us tell you why you should get ADA-compliant sidewalk services in NYC.

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